Reds handle Vikings


By: Bailey Wilson

The football team continued to build on its impressive record Friday Oct. 28, defeating the Valley Vikings 35-7. Taking advantage early, the team was able to keep the game well within its control, jumping to a 14-point lead in the first quarter. The boys piled on 21 more points through the duration of the game, allowing Valley only one touchdown.. Austin Ekeler (13) played a key role in Friday’s contest finding the end-zone three times in the team’s 35-7 win. Next week’s game against Platte Valley will set the pace for post-season play as the Reds hope to continue their powerful drive towards the playoffs.

Trey Stephens (13) said, “Platte Valley has always given us their best game and we just need to work hard in practice and do the little things right and the rest will come.” With playoffs just around the corner, Stephens added that the team needs to “just take it one game at a time,” and focus on the game they have been playing the entire season. Darin Foss (12) said that a win against Platte Valley this week would “give the team huge motivation and a sense of urgency going into the playoffs.” He went on to say that the team has its sights set heavily on one goal as the season draws to a close. A state title.