Tennis Courts


By: Avery Jones

Although their rackets are hung up for the season, the EHS tennis team will return this spring to brand new courts. The tennis courts acquired a new look with a complete makeover over the summer.

The nine-week project includes a completely new cement foundation and new surfacing. But why spend around $150 thousand on new tennis courts? As Maddy Shelton (14), last season’s number four varsity doubles player, put it, “the courts were like a death hole.” Steve Longwell, Athletic Director, said, “The existing courts were so badly worn they were unsafe to play on. If we had kept them, it would be probable we’d have to play all of our matches on the road.” Shelton said, “We were told at the banquet that we wouldn’t have any home matches this year, and it’s important to have home matches so the community can come support us.” Shelton isn’t the only one thrilled about the new courts, though. Kailey Kaiser (12), last season’s number one varsity doubles player, said, “I’m so excited! It’s a blessing to be able to have home matches my senior year.” Kaiser says the high school tennis team isn’t the only group that will be benefitted by the courts; other organizations that use the tennis courts include the Women’s Tennis League, the Rec. Center, and the general public.

Longwell, Shelton and Kaiser all agree that redoing the courts was money well spent. Kaiser said she would have raised funds on her own for the courts had the district not come up with the money. According to Longwell, the bulk of the money used to modify the courts was raised. “$100 thousand was raised through sports fundraising, and $50 thousand came through the school district,” said Longwell. The three north courts were torn out and renovated starting July 12. The finishing touches should be finished within the next two weeks according to Longwell.

The court rules are one of the first things to go up on Eaton's new tennis surfaces. The girls tennis team will start practice on a whole new playing field this spring.