Softball snags a win on senior night


The Eaton softball team has had a strong season so far, with a record of 16-7 overall and 10-2 in league. Eaton Softball team took their 14th win of the season, not just at home but on senior night. The Reds played Brush and took a 1-0 win to bring them one step closer to be able to host regionals Saturday, October 15th. Hosting regionals is a big deal all around because a team must be ranked in the top four of their league to host.The Reds need the win against Brush in order to secure a host  positioning

The win against Brush came from a key player, Stephanie Bingley, a junior at Highland High School who plays for the Eaton softball team. Bingley’s base hit brought in the first, only, and winning run for the Reds. After a long weekend of softball, Bingsley said, “Honestly I think that this year our team has struggled with confidence and just getting into our own heads lot, so winning the game was just a very big confidence booster for everyone and now moving forward our team is ready to play and beat anyone that we face.” As a junior she is one of the more experienced players on the team and Bingsley believes that “being able to hit the game-winning run was a really good feeling. I was glad that I could step up when the team needed a run.”

Senior night is an exciting experience no matter the sport, but it can be a sad time as well. Senior first baseman Jaeli Lewis said, “Winning always feels amazing, but on senior night was the best I’ve felt in a little while. The game wasn’t exciting with a 1-0 win, and you could feel the team’s energy the whole time.” Moving closer to the playoffs and state has changed the Reds’ mentality and heightened their focus. Lewis said, “Our mentality going into the playoffs is one of determination. As a team, this mentality helps us find joy and confidence within ourselves. When we have confidence, we bring energy and excitement to games. We focus a lot and have fun too. This is a game that is meant to be fun. We all understand that we can work hard and still have fun.”

The team will host regional playoffs the weekend of the 15th to determine the seeding for state. There is still quite a way for the Reds to go, but with a stand full of supporters like the one they have, they have the ability to achieve anything, including a state championship.