Pray 4 Hana Friedrich and Ella Peacock


Rylee Martin, Feature Editor

On Saturday night, Resurrection Christian had a devastating accident as Hana Friedrich and Ella Peacock were in a devastating accident, they were struck by a drunk driver after heading home from their homecoming dance. Ella as of now released after she had surgery on her wrist and Hana is currently in critical care as she has severe brain swelling and has been in a coma since she got in the hospital on Saturday night. Ressurection Christian has been posting updates on Facebook and Instagram keeping friends updated. In honor of Hana at the Eaton University volleyball game both teams came together and made blue shirts and ribbons that said: “Pray 4 Hanna” with the number fifteen on the sleeve. Eaton also made a charity bucket to set at the front of the doors, the proceeds are going to Hana and her family. The bucket made 362 dollars.  Many volleyball teams all around Colorado have been dedicating matches for the girls either doing green outs because of Hana’s beautiful green eyes or blue outs because that is her favorite color. Many prayers, thoughts, and love has been sent to Rez. On behalf of Eaton High School, we praying for Hana, her family, and a miracle.