Colorado’s Big Drought

Genesis Gurnsey, Opinion editor

As the end of summer draws near, the sun seems to be determined to keep Colorado warm. With weeks full of intense heat and no rainfall, Colorado has fallen into a major drought.  The Denver Channel stated that Colorado is now abnormally dry, with 100% of the state experiencing at minimum moderate drought conditions.

For the first time in eight years, Colorado is abnormally dry, resulting in many agricultural issues. This drought is affecting people all over Colorado, especially the farmers of Eaton.

Alex Loyd (24),  a farmer here at Eaton, said,“Right now we can’t wheat. Since COVID, we sold all our water to other farmland and so as of right now, we cannot farm anything.” During a drought of this intensity, it becomes difficult for farmers to produce the crops they need for a stable income. 

“Right now, we’re only stuck with about, 120 acres of corn. Which is not a lot,” Loyd said. The drought is drying up the ground and the plants quickly. Although the drought is hurting a the farmers, it’s also affecting the Colorado Mountains. Red Feather, Pine Gulch, Grizzly, and much more are being severely affected. Click the link below to read on the raging wildfires currently in the Colorado mountains.