Eaton Swimmers Show Strength in Numbers

Eaton swim team sends four swimmers to State Championships.


Abby Schreiner

Lexi Brunt sails through water during freestyle relay.

Abby Schreiner, Staff Reporter

On Feb.15 and 16, Lexi Bruntz, Morgan, Bjork , and Dalton all made it to this year’s state championships

Abby Schreiner
Molly Koslosky flies across pool preforming the butterfly stroke.
Abby Schreiner
Kaitlyn Young butterflies her to the finish.

. In the single swimmer events, Brunt made it to finals in both the 100 and 200 meter freestyles, Morgan made it to finals for the 100 meter butterfly, and Bjork made her best time in the 50 meter freestyle and butterfly.  In the relay portion of state, Eaton placed 19 in the 200 meter freestyle and 14 in the 400 meter freestyle. 

This year’s swim team consisted of more girls than Eaton has ever seen in four years, so as this year’s swim season progressed, much success followed.  This newly established number of swimmers paid off for the team when the Eaton swim team sent a total of four swimmers to state. 

Although the entire team exceeded many expectations, one swimmer, in particular, stood out through the majority of the season due to her talent and personality– Bruntz (22). This petite sophomore, a 100- and 200-meter freestyle finalist, said, “I am feeling really sad that the season is coming to an end because we all got really close… but I’m feeling kind of happy too because it’s been a really good season.” Overall, Bruntz was spot on. 

The swim season brought many victories over both opponents as well as injuries. Kathleen Conway (22), Eaton swim team’s only diver, injured herself during the night of January 23. In an attempt to complete a reverse 1 somersault, Conway scraped her back along the diving board, leaving a gash across her shoulder blade. Later that night Conway was expected to dive within the competition, and she did. Conway was able to overcome this challenge and move forward to place second that night. 

Though it was unexpected and impactful to the entire team, the Eaton swim team persevered forward and ended up winning 4 of their events that night. These winners included Bruntz, Emma Bjork (20), Mackenna Dalton(21), and Molly Koslosky (22). 

As the State Championships advanced, many of the swimmers were simply looking towards faster times. In fact, coach Hattie Carelson said, “I would love to see them get faster.” Because of this desire, many swimmers worked harder than they ever have to achieve such heights in their careers. An instance in which the girls were truly pushed to their limits was during “Hell Week”. This week consists of a regiment of laborious and difficult workouts. 

After the first meet of the swim season, coach Carelson made a prediction in regards to the girls who would make it to state, and she was correct when predicting Bruntz, Caitlyn Morgan (23), and Bjork. This prediction held substantial weight, for three out of the four girls, excluding Dalton, who attended State Championships were concluded to have the talent needed to make it to state by coach Carelson. 

Unfortunately, two of this year’s swimmers are seniors and will be leaving Eaton high school. Both Emma Bjork and Leah Fetzer have come to the end of their high school journeys, but they exit with confidence in the upcoming group of swimmers. Fetzer said, “The people that competed at state were Lexi Bruntz, Caitlyn Morgan, Mackenna Dalton, and Emma Bjork. They did very well.”

Emma also quoted her pride after the State Championships when saying, “Lexi Bruntz, Mackenna Dalton, Caitlyn Morgan, and I all participated in state. We all did very well.” Due to the talent entering Eaton high school, there is much optimism as the Eaton swim team looks towards next season.