Preparation key to State Championships

This year’s swim team state qualifiers include Brunt, Morgan, Bjork, and Dalton


Molly Koslosky shoots across the pool during her portion of the relay.

Abby Schreiner, Staff Reporter

State championships are the last meet of this year’s swimming season, and many girls have mixed emotions knowing that the season is coming to a close. Mackenna Dalton (21) said, “The end of season is always very heartbreaking because you have worked so hard and you have bonded with these girls. Then, it comes to an end and, as life does, you kind of split off, but always with the end comes excitement for state and conference. You see your times drop and it is so gratifying.” 

On Feb.15 and 16, Lexi Bruntz (22), Caitlyn Morgan (21), Emma Bjork (20), and Dalton all made it to this year’s state championships. In the single swimmer events, Brunt made it to finals in both the 100 and 200 meter freestyles, Morgan made it to finals for the 100 meter butterfly, and Bjork made her best time in the 50 meter freestyle and butterfly.  In the relay portion of state, Eaton placed 19 in the 200 meter freestyle and 14 in the 400 meter freestyle. Overall, the Eaton swim team held their own during state championships, but how?

Just two weeks before reaching such heights at state, Eaton competed in what is known as the relays. Each and every Eaton relay team swimming that night decreased their times. This brought confidence to both the girls and the coach for upcoming state championships, and it paid off.  “Although relays are not extremely comparable to regular swim meets,” Coach Hattie Carelson said, “They did a good job in the relays that we do regularly. They improved their times which is great to see this close to state.”

Not only did they gain confidence through meets, but they also gained confidence through preparation during practice. In regards to preparation for State Championships, coach Carelson said, “The girls are swell. If they are qualified for individuals, they will start their rest period.” Rest periods are extremely important to the swimming sport, because when a person is well rested they can focus on the technique of their strokes. When a swimmer is fatigued, their technique tends to fall apart. 

The girls also set personal goals for how they wanted to perform in the case that they qualified. Bruntz, one of the qualifying girls of this year’s state championship team said, “I am working towards breaking my state times from last year.” As this season came to an end, Bruntz accomplished her goal and more.

In the end, the Eaton swim team’s hard work paid off. After their victories at the state championships, the Eaton swim team is content with the season coming to an end.