Ink and Drink Up and Running!

Read your morning news witha Cup o' Joe for $2


Ink and Drink allows students to enjoy their morning news, enrichment, and a cup o' joe

Read your morning news and get a cup of joe for $2 during enrichment.

How to order

The site will go live on enrichment mornings and stay open throughout enrichment. Students will have until 9:30 on enrichment mornings to get their coffee orders in. Once the order has been received by the Ink and Drink staff, the drink will be delivered to the student in his or her enrichment class. All specialty drinks will be $3 for a 16 oz. drink and $2 for a cup of joe.

This Fall’s Special Offerings

Hot Drinks

Jittery Hot Chai 

Everything you love about a regular hot chai, but with an added shot of hot coffee

Pumpkin Spice Latte 

Coffee latte with pumpkin syrup, vanilla, and a little pumpkin spice to make you daydream of falling leaves and corn mazes 

London Fog Vanilla Tea Latte 

English tea with vanilla syrup and frothed milk to keep you warm when the days turn cold

Iced Drinks

Jittery Iced Chai

Everything you love about a regular iced chai, but with an added shot of hot coffee

Iced Mocha Tappiato 

This iced coffee drink is a favorite of our very own Mr. Tapia! Iced coffee is mixed with chocolate milk, caramel syrup and your choice of chocolate or caramel drizzle

Raspberry Lemonade

Refreshing lemonade mixed with a little raspberry syrup–berry delicious!

“The Georgia” Peach Apple Lemonade

Peachy lemonade mixed with a splash of apple cider and a cute little Peachie treat on top

“Fruity Howler” Raspberry Tea Lemonade

Tasty raspberry iced tea and lemonade with a hint of sweet raspberry syrup

Caramel Apple Cauldron

An iced apple cider treat with ginger ale fizz and a caramel drizzle on top