Color dance brightens up first week

STUCO welcomes back students with a splash of color


Genesis Hembree

Mackenna Dalton (21), Katie Gomez (22) ,

What do you get when you mix high school students in white shirts with colored powder? A Color Blast. Eaton High Schools STUCO had a very interesting idea to host a dance on Friday evening, Aug. 23 to kick off this school year. “There was about 200 to 250 students at least,” claimed STUCO’s sponsor Andrew Jorgenson. George Perdomo (20) was a student who had attended, he said, “The dance was lit, too bad I’m a senior and won’t be here for next year.” Jorgenson also explained how they came up with the idea, “We went and met with other schools and we listened to their ideas.” Jorgenson also mentioned how the STUCO really liked how everything turned out, “A lot of students want to do it again, but we should do something new.” Although to get into dance was free, the color powder and popsicles did coast anywhere between 50 cents to three dollars. The Dj at the dance was also a highschool student, Matea Floryance (20).  “…always played the right music and kept the dance hype and fun.” exclaimed Jonathan Brantner (21), Jonathan also claimed that there was a mosh pit, “I got in the middle of the mosh pit and thought I was going to die.” Throwing a color blast dance after a long first week back to school was something the students enjoyed.