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Guest Column: Football unfairly bumped by CHSAA rules

New RPI system should emphasize record, not schedule

Friend Feud-University vs. Eaton

A show of a friendly feud between Eaton and University students

Reds battle back to win homecoming football game

Eaton, down at half, pulls off a homecoming victory

Young Dedication

by Devan McKenney     Eaton High School is recognized for its ability to produce some of the best athletes in the entire state. The starting guard for the Eaton Reds Football…

Lifting to Success

by Devan McKenney The season may have ended earlier than people may have wanted, but the returning players are making sure next season is the best it can possibly be….

Eaton Football season comes to a close after loss to Kent Denver

By: Darius Duran It was a rough evening for the Eaton Reds football team (6-5, 2-3) on Saturday, November 15 when the Reds ended their playoff run with a loss…

Eaton falls short to Platte Valley Broncos

By: Cameron Moser & Darius Duran It was a game that is dreamed of by young boys and their fathers alike. The field freshly soaked with rain, one of the…

Eaton Reds defeat Manitou Springs for Homecoming victory

By: Darius Duran The Eaton Reds football team (3-1, 0-0) came out with a 31-21 victory over the Manitou Springs Mustangs (0-4, 0-0) to win their homecoming football game on…

Eaton Reds football comes to an end

By: Darius Duran With a high of 19ºF on Saturday, November 15 the Eaton Reds football team came out to play their final game of the season in the Colorado…