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Make America Reflect its old values again

By Isaiah Cordova The United States is considered a bastion of democracy by other nations. However there are many examples of continued corruption in the United States Congress. Major corporations, advo-…

Op/Ed – Trump’s lies will hurt the very people who voted for him

Trump’s government has no interest in protecting blue-collar America, only their own

Guest Column: Football unfairly bumped by CHSAA rules

New RPI system should emphasize record, not schedule

Counterclockwise: Trump the Conman

Words for the masses who voted Trump anyway, and the leaders who abandoned Bernie

Op/Ed- Lies from the “Emailgate” scandal prove Clinton’s incompetence

Sydney Booth unveils Hillary Clinton’s “Emailgate” scandal.

Op/Ed – Lyin’ Trump: The truth of Trump’s bald-faced lies

The Republican Presidential nominee’s lies revealed

Op/Ed – How to Move to Canada

Voters may want to consider relocation after election

The stigma on psychosis in the media – OP/ED

The opinions in this article do not represent of the Eaton school district, administration, it’s staff, or students. By Tyler Alm Personally, I am a huge fan of the horror…

Psychotic does not mean evil — Op/Ed

By Tyler Alm Psychosis is an element in some mental illnesses like schizophrenia, schizoaffective,and bipolar that is characterized by an impaired ability to determine reality. It usually manifests in hallucinations,…

Don’t vote for a criminal

By Tyler Alm No matter how much it seems like donkeys and elephants fight like cats and dogs, both Republicans and Democrats want one thing in common: the best for…