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Train derailment on 85 and 392

25 coal cars go off train track

Homecoming Parade 2016

By Jayce Parrish  

Carnival Day at EHS

Beach Day at EHS

History teacher Tom Trotter shares view on Eaton’s mascot

In an ongoing series to discuss the upcoming public forum on the Eaton mascot, Tom Trotter, a 30-year veteran teacher, shares the controversy surrounding the issue. Video by Cameron Moser…

Basketball coach Dean Grable provides mascot perspective

Athletic instructor and fitness coach Dean Grable has coached boys basketball for 12 years. GrableĀ gives another perspective of the Eaton mascot in this ongoing video series by Cameron Moser and…

Inside Eaton photo gallery

By: Cameron Moser Below are the first 10 pictures of a gallery that will be posted once every two weeks. The pictures are not typically what one would find here…