Communities come together to support Eaton in tough times

In face of tragedy, surrounding communities show their support

By Sarah Jakel

Following the tragic loss of sophomore Dallas Duran last week, the communities surrounding Eaton have come together to show Eaton nothing but love and respect. Eaton rival, Platte Valley, which faced a similar loss very early in its season, showed the greatest support during the boys basketball game Thursday, Feb. 23.

Coach Rolando Davila said that his players knew what Eaton was going through and they were going to support them in whatever way needed. The next day at the District Tournament, Valley’s team wore red socks in honor of Duran. Sterling also honored Duran by wearing his number, two.

Thoughtful tweets have been pouring in from surrounding schools on Twitter. Limon, Windsor and Silver Creek are among the schools that have been sending Eaton their thoughts and well wishes. Platte Valley sent lunch to the teaching staff on February 28 and University followed suit, sending the teachers Subway sandwiches on March 2. Administrative Secretary Lori Selby said she and several of the teachers were overwhelmed by the generosity.“Isn’t that sweet of them?” she asked. “I think that’s about the kindest thing we could do for one another.”  

Posters have been hung in the high school commons with well wishes from several different schools, and a vase full of red and white chrysanthemums and lilies accompanies the posters in remembrance of Duran.