Cross country dashing with K-9’s


Eaton cross country team tries new training regimen with shelter dogs

By: Dayana Pena

In this presidential election season, cross country members got a new feel for the term “running mate” when Weld County Humane Society dogs joined their practice October 3.

Both energetic dogs and runners jogged around Freedom Park and Prairie View Park in Evans as a new form of cross country practice, while enjoying the scenery and wagging tails at the dog park.

After running with their dogs, many of the runners said they felt a strong attachment for their furry teammates, some even wanting to adopt their dogs. Mckenzie Reiher (17) said, “ It was cool to run with the dogs. Our dog was a sweet little boy that loved to run as much as we did so we got a good workout in.”

This is the first time that the team has volunteered to spend time running with the Humane Society dogs. “I think it is good community service,” Abby Schott (17) said. “The Humane Society has to walk their dogs every day and we have to run every day so it was a good workout for all of us.”

Eaton’s XC team prides itself on performing many community services, and coach Jessica Ruff has provided many opportunities, including the dog run, for her students to give back to their communities. On October 15 the team will be serving dinner for the Ronald McDonald House in Aurora, a tradition the team is hoping to carry on from last year.

Eaton will race next at the League Meet, hosted by Brush on Saturday, Oct. 8 at 10 a.m. With only three meets left, the Reds are hustling to end the season with personal records and placing in the top four for regionals to head out to state.